Who’s MOE?

Hello and welcome to Ask Mama MOE!

I’m Julia, a.k.a. Mama MOE and I am a freelance fashion writer turned mama of three (one plus twins!).

I’ve always loved writing and telling ‘the story’. When I was in Europe meeting high fashion designers, I liked getting to know them as people. My first big interview was with fashion designers Dean and Dan Caten, the Canadian twins behind DSquared2. Living in Milan during a time when fashion had not yet been hit with a recession, was beyond incredible. Mr. Missoni was still alive and the head of his fashion house, Roberto Cavalli had not yet been charged for tax evasion, and Giorgio Armani was, as always, incredible. It was a great time to experience fashion in one of the fashion capitals of the world. (More on my interviews and stories to come).

Living in Italy was a fantastic experience for the creative mind, and I have yet to write in full about my time there. But it is something I am looking to pursue. Easter Sunday at the Vatican, taking a drive to the last Pavarotti and Friends concert, visiting Venice during Carnavale…it was pretty awesome. Not to mention the times my husband and I travelled outside of Italy!

When it was time to return to Montreal, I dabbled in fashion again for local magazines, and for a while I was the denim columnist (yes, that really is a thing) for Style Canada magazine. But nothing came close to the freedom I had when writing what I wanted, when I wanted.

I still wrote for Italy Magazine when I returned, but it was a matter of time before my contacts and experiences would run out. I was no longer in the fashion city and could no longer attend the shows and presentations. And then my whole life changed. I lost my Dad and had my first son. Both the terrible and the wonderful occurred together, and my whole perspective was different.

My writing took a turn to pregnancy and babies and I researched and read all I could find about raising children and living as a parent. Oddly enough, my last fashion piece was for Italy Magazine was about children’s fashion and it arrived at my door the day I brought my baby boy home from the hospital. 🙂

My fashion sense went from sleek designer wear to sweat pants and nursing tops. And I was ok with that. In fact, I loved it. While I still love fashion and the arts, my true calling has always been raising a family, so naturally, I decided to focus on writing about that. That’s how Ask Mama MOE was born.

My blog is a combination of  reviews of products and services, events, and all around family-friendly living. My reviews are carefully selected and honest. My focus has always been on healthy, safe and educational products for babies, children and families. If you have a product or service you would like me to review, feel free to email me.

Guest Postscheapflights-babyapproved

CheapFlights.ca  interviewed me on the subject of flying while pregnant. Click here to read what I and other experts said about this very important subject.

Before I attended my first social media conference, I was invited by Sara Hodge of Mums’nChums to answer some questions about blogging. I am proud to have been included with such great bloggers, and I was even happier to meet them face to face during the ShesConnected Conference in Toronto. To read the post click here.

Fashion Sense: Mama Style

When my children were born, my past experience in fashion went a little out the window. It’s easy to fall into the stay-at-home mama lull of zero fashion and zero effort, especially if you have little ones with you all day. But I took a moment to reassess the situation and realized it was time to make the effort. On my guest post for Kimberly at Reflections of Now, I write about my ‘hips-height-head’ theory to fashion. It’s a perfect how-to for mamas. Have a look here.




“Thanks, Julia,
It’s a really nice article – and I wish you and all your collective moms great success with this important, interactive resource. LJ”

You can find that interview at 5minutesformom.com. If you haven’t visited this site before, be sure to make it a regular read; 5minutesformom.com is a great site!


If you would be interested in me writing as a guest on your blog or website, or for any type of collaboration, please contact me at Julia(at)askmamamoe(dot)com.