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Finding Other Mamas To Hang Out With

After the initial changes in your family dynamic and your overwhelming urge to nest, stay at home and cuddle your new baby, eventually, you will have a strong desire to get out with baby!

You want to do something, anything to break the monotony of diapers, nursing, pumping, spitting up , etc…But where do you go?

I recently heard from Sandra who was looking for ways to meet other mamas in her area. It’s hard to find other mamas if you are the only one of your friends that has a child. Here were my recommendations:

1) Look in your community for local centers and places of worship. They usually have weekly or bi-weekly playgroups for their peeps.

2) Get active and join a “mama and baby” class like yoga, or pilates. In classes like these, they tend to be more of a social get together, than hardcore exercise classes. Another popular class now is a strollersize class – check it out!

3) A different place to meet new mamas are breastfeeding clinics. No, you don’t have to strike up a conversation while nursing your little one. But it, again, is a social environment with movement and chances are you might meet another mama going through the same issues as you, and that’s always a great ice-breaker.

4) Now that the weather is so great, take your child for a stroll to the park! You would be amazed how friendly other mamas are. It’s the perfect place to strike up a conversation and meet a mama in your area.

Are you going through this now? If so, what do you do to get out with baby? What did you do in the past? What worked, and what didn’t? If you have any other suggestions on this topic, let me know in a comment below.

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