On Air at The Jewel for #SFTH2017

May 3rd
Mama MOE at Jewel radio station with Ted Bird and Tom Whelan

It may have been quiet here on AskMamaMOE.com but trust me when I say I’ve been working like a fiend on the other side! From a trip to Toronto for the last (sniff) BConnected Conference to educate myself further in the blogging world, to promoting for the charity event, to a special secret project for my 40th birthday coming real soon, I have been busy. And that is just on the work side! The #mamalife is still a 24/7 gig with school volunteering, lunches to be made, doctors appointments, hugs and homework. Luckily for me, Papa MOE steps up something fierce to help out while I’m in full #SFTH2017 mode.

Having the opportunity to speak with those I admire in the community is an added bonus to this special event. This week, I had he pleasure of speaking with Ted Bird and Tom Whelan at The Jewel 106.7 .

If you didn’t get a chance to hear my spot on The Jewel, Ted kindly sent me a copy to share. Have a listen for more details on what’s happening May 8th:

It was a pleasure sitting with Ted and Tom to talk about my fourth baby, #SFTH2017. I hope I get the chance again to chat with them, they were so welcoming and sweet.

For more information on #SFTH2017, and to see all the vendors and sponsors participating, visit the website: www.shoppingfromtheheart.ca

You can purchase tickets or donate once you’re on the site.

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